Top 5 Poker Games to Play

Top 5 Poker Games to Play

Poker is on TV, on the internet. Heck, even your neighbor has a weekly home game.

If you have been thinking about learning poker and can’t decide which game to learn, here is our list of top 5 games.

NL Hold’em

nl holdem

There are a lot of good reasons why NL Hold’em Poker has become the game of the 21th century. It’s really easy to get into and offers plenty of opponents across the globe. To put it bluntly, that means that even if you are not very good at poker, you can find someone who is worse.


omaha poker

Pot Limit Omaha also known as PLO is very similar to No Limit Hold’em. The fact that you only have 2 hole cards in Hold’em and 4 in PLO mean that there are much less domination situations in Omaha. As a result, it’s quite more beginner-friendly. Even if you run kings into Aces, you are closer to 60/40 versus 80/20.



Razz (essentially, any other variation of Stud) is different from Hold’em or PLO. Here you must have not only deductive skills to read your opponents, memory is super important here too.

The principles are the same as in any poker game. However, once you reach the river, you will be holding 4 open cards and 3 closed. The better you remember what open cards opponents who folded had, the better you will determine you opponent’s hand at the river.

5 Card Draw

poker 5 card

The original Texas poker game that you may also have played in your childhood. You hold five cards and can change up to 4 (up to 5, in some cases). Based on how many cards your opponent changed and history her betting patters throughout the hand you must determine whether they have you beat or not.

Video Poker

video poker

In this case you play vs a casino rather a human opponent. However, if you look for 50 free spins casinos (you also can find bigger bonuses), you can earn hours of free play from online casinos.  

Plus, with a perfect strategy you have big chances of going away with a win, even without a bonus.



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