Why Millionaires Play Baccarat?

Why Millionaires Play Baccarat?

You may have noticed that when it comes to professional gamblers and the richest people on earth, when they come into a casino, they go straight to Baccarat. Did you ever wonder where does this obsession come from? Why exceptionally rich turn to Baccarat to gamble on their hard-earned money?

For example, long before online gaming blew up, living legend of poker David Sklansky has called it a ‘silly little game’. He extended: ‘It amazes me how much action this game gets. There are a number of other games that offer players much better odds for their money than baccarat.’

And it is a simple game. Perhaps that’s a part of the appeal?

You come in, enter the VIP area – you already have millions in your pocket that you earned in another place, another area of expertise. So, you don’t want a head-spinning, complex game. And Baccarat is perfect for that because there is only one decision to be made. You either bet on the dealer, or on your own hand depending.

On the other hand, others seem to disagree. For example, Phil Ivey. He is world’s best live poker player. Or at least one of them. He knows that poker is a skill game – if you study and practice, you will beat other players in the long run. Undoubtedly, he also understands that millions he earned as a poker, he is much more likely to lose on casino games. After all, casino always has the edge. Instead, he is an avid Baccarat player.

So why High Rollers like Ivey still insist on playing Baccarat?

Apparently, it’s also a relatively easy game to cheat on.

And we do use ‘easy’ very loosely here.

Ivey Baccarat Scheme in London?


What we haven’t mentioned about Ivey that even though he won around $15 million in U.S. and London in Baccarat a couple of years ago, he hasn’t gotten it because the casino has accused him of cheating. And it’s not the question whether he did or not.

He did.

The question is, was it cheating what he did.

Is Baccarat a cheater’s game? Ivey’s story is not isolated. Reuters wrote about South Koreans being imprisoned for cheating. And there are many other similar sounding cases.

We think that the answer is much simpler. Millionaires have learned how to beat the world in their own respective fields, so entering a casino is just another challenge. It’s not a cheater’s game. If these pros had any plan for any game, they would use it. If they knew how to exploit no deposit free spins for million of dollars, we are sure they would. Therefore, it’s not the game. It’s the people.

However, we have to agree that Baccarat, having only one decision to be made per round, makes trying to solve it a pretty straightforward process for people. Maybe that’s part of the charm?

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